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The Internet is changing the way people communicate and the way companies do business. At the same time, it is transforming the law. Whether you buy or sell goods and services online, publish information via the World-Wide Web, exchange messages via e-mail, electronically distribute digital content, or make payments online, you will be faced with new legal questions that are challenging businesses and attorneys alike. Written for the layperson, but extensively annotated for the experienced lawyer, Online Law provides clear guidance through the rapidly developing law of electronic commerce. Based on sound legal principles, this comprehensive handbook draws on the extensive knowledge of experienced attorneys at the forefront of today's emerging online legal issues. Online Law provides answers to the toughest online legal questions, such as: What rules govern advertising online? What are the legal issues involved in setting up a Web site? How do you create and enforce online contracts? How can you use digital signatures to facilitate electronic commerce? Who owns the rights to online information? When can you 'borrow' online materials from others? What are the rules for using sexually explicit material on the Net? What constitutes illegal conduct online? Can employers legally read their employees' e-mail? A collaborative effort, Online Law was written by the attorneys of the Information Technology Law Department at McBride Baker & Coles and sponsored by the Software Publishers Association. Thomas J. Smedinghoff, J.D., editor and lead author of Online Law, cochairs the Information Technology Law Department of the Chicago law firm of McBride Baker & Coles, chairs the Electronic Commerce and Information Technology Division of the American Bar Association, and serves as intellectual property counsel to the Software Publishers Association. He is the author of The Software Publishers Association Legal Guide to Multimedia (Addison-Wesley, 1994). The Software Publishers Association is the principal trade association of the PC software industry. With over 1,200 member companies, it has been a leading force in fostering electronic commerce and protecting intellectual property in a digital world.

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